Saturday, June 23, 2012

The fire from our house

We drove to Sam's Club just a few miles away from our house and got a pretty good view of the fire.

What the fire looks like from just up the street from our house
We've had a terrible fire going on just north of Ft Collins, about a two hour drive from our house.  They've evacuated thousands of homes and the air quality here in Colorado Springs has not been very good from that fire.  Today a fire started in Colorado Springs near Garden of the Gods (a 25ish minute drive from our house).  The houses up there are worth millions of dollars.  Anyway, the fire isn't going to be contained by tonight.  I am not sure if it is very big yet and hopefully it will get contained quickly because we have a family reunion this week and I would hate for the air quality to be too yucky for us to be outside.  As far as I saw this morning there is no rain in the forecast.  Another issue is that Colorado Springs is very windy.  Today is not very windy at all, so hopefully the wind will not pick up in the next few days.


Ammon said...

This is Mom on Ammon's site. I'm so sorry to hear about the fire. It's burning in a very beautiful location and that makes me feel so sad.
There are fires everywhere! Stay safe.

Mike and Adrianne said...

The fire started at 12 this afternoon and now at 6:15 it has burned 1,000 acres. It's very sad. And hot and dry!

Aurora said...

Son impresionates las fotos, aunque por otro lado nos da una idea de cuando la naturaleza se enfada muestra su peor cara