Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brent is aging

Today is Flag Day, Brent's birthday, and "Pugh travel to Europe" day. Happy day all around. Brent's like 37 or something. So, not old, but not a teenager anymore, either!

On a side note, the girls and I were outside playing on the swing set last night and I was jumping from the swing to the monkey bars and going down the slide. After I did a few of those things, Leah looked at me and exclaimed, "Dad, I didn't know you were so ... active!" I guess most my interactions with them at the swing set are to simply push them or make sure they survive the monkey bars. I don't usually partake in the fun.

On another side note, I saw a fox on a bike ride yesterday.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Brent!

LanceandNance said...

Happy birthday old man!


The Duke said...

Brent won't see this for a while but happy birthday to him anyway! We're glad you are part of our family.
The fox you saw - she was pretty good looking, huh?