Monday, April 16, 2012

Request for House/Child sitter-- PRETTY PLEASE?

Okay, here's a request.

Brent and I are leaving town and looking for someone to come housesit/ childsit for the weeks of June 13-27th. We'd prefer someone came and stayed here at our home since it would probably be easier to entertain the kids, their friends will be around to play with, we have animals Sarah will need to feed, and there are a few activities I would like them to attend during that time (tae kwon do and swimming lessons, guitar lessons).

We also realize that's a lot of time to ask someone to commit to. The kids are old enough to be alone for extended periods of time, so mostly they will need someone to be there at night and simply make sure they're fed and get to lessons. They will be out of school for summer break then. We'll leave cash as well, so you'll be free to take the kids out somewhere if you'd like.

When we leave town, we will make sure the house is fully stocked with groceries and there will be 2 vehicles here if needed. If you'd be available to help during any or all of that time, please let me know asap.

If any out-of-towners would like to take a family vacation to UT this summer, here's an opportunity! :) There'll be a King, Queen, and 3 sofas avail to sleep on if you want!

Alright, done shamelessly begging.


Jess and Jen said...

Well, if we're w/o a house, we'd love to move in for two weeks! :)

This would be a great time for some out of Utah siblings to come in for a visit. Don't know if that fits in their schedules or budgets, but that would be cool. -Jess

Kaitlin Clark said...

I can't remember when mom wanted me to help out with ammon's youth conference but if I will see.

Kaitlin Clark said...

Okay, I can do it after the conference. So I am not going to be able to do it until the night of the 15th or the 16 but I can do it after that.

The Duke said...

The only issue Kaitlin might have is her work schedule. She needs to make money during the summer and I'm not sure she has checked with her work yet. The kids could come down to our place on the weekends if you wanted. ?? If push comes to shove, they could actually take a vacation from all their activities and just come stay with us for that period of time. We have the room.