Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old Folks Update

Lots of things are happening at our house these days. Jim jumped in feet first to start the remodel of our falling-apart kitchen this past week. He purchased a chest freezer to replace that old, ugly green refrigerator we had out in the garage. The freezer was delivered yesterday and the old fridge hauled off. (Hallelujah! Just ask Adam and Amy!)

Jim then purchased an all-refrigerator (some of you may remember the one we had in Walton) and also purchased an oven/stove. I wasn't expecting this until maybe next year because we are also replacing all the windows on the top level. Those should come in about 4 weeks. We are also replacing the sliding glass door that won't open so the kids can all get outside when they want. We are hoping to sell our current refrigerator quickly. We will tear out the old wall oven and put the refrigerator in that location. The oven/stove will go along the wall to the right of the current refrigerator. That means that Dad will have to tear out part of the cupboards and counterspace. We won't remove the bar/island with the stovetop in it until next year when we can replace the flooring so it's going to look dumb and awful for a year. But it's a start. I think the cupboards are beginning to rot under the sink so I'm hoping that will last for a while yet.

We have planned to do this for a long time but have never been able to afford it. We figured if we got the appliances first then we could slowly work around the rest of the kitchen as we can afford it. No debt - paid in cash. I'm just worried that we are going to get stuck in a mess. I am excited to have an oven where I can use both shelves without burning everything. I will be able to bake two pizzas at the same time! Cupboards, countertops and flooring will have to wait for a year.

Our house would never sell if we did not do this kitchen. It's literally falling apart around our ears. So we started the project and we'll be excited to get it finished. We'll have a big pizza party when it all gets done.

The basement is undecorated. I'm just waiting for one of my kids to come and help me decorate and make it cute. Any takers?? It's going to be a nice house when it's all done.


Lokodi said...

That's so exciting. I can't wait to see the progress when we come to visit in Dec. I'll help you decorate in December, but I'm definitely not as talented in that department as your other daughters. I always use my neighbor as a reference.


Jess and Jen said...

Sounds like we need to have a work party at your house! -Jess

The Duke said...

Yup - a work party sounds good to me. Lindsey, I'll take your suggestions and help any day!

Mike and Adrianne said...

That's exciting! It is always fun to make changes to your house. I'm excited to see it.

chelsey said...

Let us know when you want to do the work party and we'll be there to help. Kitchens and baths are always the smartest things to update for resale value, so it sounds like you're on your way! Happy about the new regular sized oven for you too!

Dave and Tana said...

Exciting! Theses types of things are so fun to do.