Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drowning in studies/choreography

I just wanted to share this bit of info with you all.

I. Hate. Finals. I hate them with a burning, fiery, passion. They are driving me to insanity. Almost done.... false. I feel a like I am drowning just a little bit. So I am kind of terrified. I just have to keep swimming right? Right? Any advice on how to survive three more days would be much obliged. 

How I totally feel right now. Save me.


The Duke said...

We added you to our fast today. Other than that, I have no advice. I could say, "Start early to study. Get some sleep. Eat decent food." I think it's too late for that advice. You can do it!!

chelsey said...

I always hated finals week. Just think though...this time next week it'll all be over. Hang in there.

Mike and Adrianne said...

You can do it! Just one at a time and take a deep breath. Good luck. We made sure to pray for you last night.