Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Blessing

Today we all met at Gillian and Kevin's ward to participate in Mia's blessing.  Kevin gave her a beautiful blessing and she was a very good little baby - no crying or noise at all. After the meeting, everyone came up to our house to have a wonderful lunch.  Kevin has a large family and so do we. It was nice enough weather that we were able to eat out on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.  

 Mia in the blessing dress I made for Gillian when she was born.  It fit perfectly!

 Mia was talking to her Grandma Mohlman in these photos, smiling and making the cutest sounds.

 Gillian's best friends were able to come to the lunch. Some hadn't seen Mia yet so it was a happy time for Gillian.  Left to right, Alyssa, Brittney, Gillian and Mia, Ally and McKenna.
Happy little family.  


LanceandNance said...

she looks so sweet in that dress!

Lokodi said...

She's so cute! What a beautiful dress too. How cool that Gillian has something to pass on like that to her daughter. Congrats you guys.


Jess and Jen said...

It was a lot of fun being around everyone yesterday. Glad we got to participate! -Jess

chelsey said...

Glad we got to come too! Of course, lil miss Mia was perfectly behaved and as cute as a button.

Michelle said...

Mia's hairbow and dress are beautiful. Mia is adorable and Gillian you look amazing. I really like your hair.