Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Young Dad

I recently scanned this photo that I borrowed from my brother, Jack. So if you had any doubt that I was once skinny and little, just take a look.
L-R Joane Clark, Clara Lee Clark, David Clark, Cliford Clark, Dean Francis, Henry C. Clark, Carol Francis, and in front, Jim Clark and Paul Clark.

Dad Clark


Papa Doc said...

This is a great old picture of your famly.

Lokodi said...

Wow, great pic dad. It's crazy to see the age gap between you and Clifford. I can see a lot of Lance in you. Super cute stud!

The Duke said...

That first comment from Papa Doc was from me, the Duke. Didn't realize I was signed in under Dad's name.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I agree with Lindsey. I think I can see a lot of Lance in that picture too and it IS crazy the space between you and your siblings.