Sunday, February 05, 2012

A conversation between two people who know nothing about sports

Adrianne:  Is Eli Manning LDS?
Mike:  Is Eli banning LDS?
Adrianne:  No, is Eli Manning LDS?
Mike:  Who is Eli Manning?
Adrianne:  A football player.  I think he's pretty famous.
Mike:  Who does he play for?
Adrianne:  The Giants.
Mike:  The San Fransisco Giants?
Adrianne:  No.  That's basketball.
Mike:  There are two Giants?
Adrianne:  Yes.  The San Fransisco Giants, a basketball team, and the football team Giants.  I think they are in New York.
Mike:  Oh.  Really?  Ha.  Ha.

(later he added, "Why do they use the same name?  Don't they realize how dumb that is?  Imagine if there were two different teams named the Cardinals.")

You can probably all guess that we did NOT watch the Super Bowl today.  In fact, he was surprised to find that it was today when he called up his sister and she said they were watching the game.  I wondered if it was because I'd heard people talking about it and seen super bowl food posted on Pinterest.  I did see it playing on my neighbors TV--isn't that sad that I can see my neighbor's TV clearly from my living room?  Thankfully, he seems to watch pretty clean things--at least when we are awake.  Anyway, I couldn't care less about the Super Bowl and I'm grateful that Mike feels the same.  I thought you would all find this conversation funny though and interesting that I know more about sports than he does.  But just barely.


chelsey said...

Just one thing...san Fran giants are a baseball team...not basketball. Ha! I'm just glad the Pats lost. Don't care much for Brady.

LanceandNance said...

I am very disappointed right now...

Lokodi said...

This conversation makes me want to cry...

Mike and Adrianne said...

Oops, see, I knew that. Really, I did. I just got confused because I knew the basketball team in California was the Sacramento Kings and San Fran Giants was baseball. So, not as stupid. But, yeah, I did get them wrong.

Jess and Jen said...

I want to say this is sad, but I'm not sure it is. Considering how many emotions we've all invested in teams that continually break our hearts, it's probably not a bad thing that you're not invested in these professional or collegiate sports. I new the game was yesterday but didn't actually see any of it. Glad to hear the Patriots didn't win, though! -Jess

The Duke said...

I only saw the last minute or so of the game. That was probably the best portion of the game. I'm glad the Patriots didn't win, too. But I don't really care.
I used to be a football fanatic and watched whatever pro game I could find. Somewhere along the line I guess I grew up and decided it's just a game and I don't care.
I'm so glad that basketball will only be a half year this time. I HATE pro basketball and the length of the season. I get tired of hearing about it. I never watch it. Maybe I'm maturing? Or just getting older??

LanceandNance said...

Ha Ha!!

Papa Doc said...

Hey the game was on Sunday. That is to say that their are some good things that we should or could watch on Sunday, but I do not think Football is one of them. That said, I did see the last few seconds and I am glad the Giants (the baseball team used to be the NY Giants, by the way) won the game.

Dad Clark