Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two things

I have a favor to ask you all. (very strong urge to say ya'll... it will make sense in a second)

I have been asked to be a bridesmaid for my great friend Katelyn Carter's wedding. Her wedding is on May 26 in Tennessee. Both her and her fiance Zach are from Tennessee, same stake and everything so of course they are going to have the wedding out there. She would like Michelle Zemp (the other bridesmaid and great friend of mine) there the Thursday before to help with finishing details and to have dinner with her family and Zach's family.. Katelyn told us that we would be staying at her family so we would not have to get a hotel room which would help cut costs.

So my favor for you all to help me with? I need to find a cheep airplane ticket that has me leaving on May 25. I was thinking that I would fly back to Utah on the 2th7. Just a weekend trip to Tennessee. Fun right?! I am excited. So being the gems that you all are, would you help me look for a flight? I figure it will be much cheaper to get one now rather than wait until the last minute. Right? Anyways, just throwing that out there.

I have another favor for you. I don't want to retype about my awesome date again so just head on over to my blog. You can read about my three lessons learned. I like to think I am funny an witty so beware. haha I actually don't even know how witty this one is. I can't remember. I wrote about it last night at like 11:45 pm.

Hope you are all loving life right now! Happy Sabbath!

Katydid :)


Jess and Jen said...

$347 on Frontier SLC to Knoxville. Nashville is more expensive. I only checked, but it usually seems to find everything. -Jess

Jess and Jen said...

And...shouldn't the bride be offering to pay for your trip since she's asking you to be a bridesmaid and travel to Tennessee? -Jess

Haven Salon said...

ya, why do you have to pay to fly out there? thats lame

Kaitlin Clark said...

That only happens in non-lds weddings.

chelsey said...

Lds or not, the bride should pay for travel of the bridal party (especially since she's not paying for a hotel for you) if she's asked you to participate in a "destination" wedding. That's just proper etiquette. If she can't afford it, she needs to remember to be mindful of the fact that others may not have that extra cash to fork out on their own and not be offended if the bridesmaid has to say no.
Ask yourself: Would she pay to do the same for you if you'd asked her to fly somewhere for your wedding?