Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strangest Weather Ever

We had quite the cloud show display this afternoon. A huge black cloud approached the mountains to the west of Elk Ridge and then began to split apart, ripping up like strands of angel hair as it passed over the town. It was like a cotton fireworks in the sky. Incredible!

We have had the strangest winter weather I've ever seen this year. Little moisture at all for two months. This week we've had rain and the high mountains have finally received a lot of snow. Lucikly for us, the snow did not reach our bench area so driving was not a problem this past week. It has rained for the past two days. Spanish Fork had standing water everywhere as it poured down this morning. I was worried that we would have another basement flood but we did not receive so much rain. We have had sun while the clouds above whipped across and split apart. But a darker cloud has followed and now it's snowing like crazy. I have never seen a week quite like this past one.

On another note, Jim finally got his suit from Jos. A. Banks that he bought as his Christmas/birthday gift. It took them a month to get it but he sure does look nice in a suit that fits! I don't think we would ever by from this company again. We were not impressed with their service.

Look at this handsome dude!!


Gillian Mohlman said...

lookin good dad!


Jason said...

Looks like the work of Voldemort.

Nice suit!

Jess and Jen said...

Odd clouds, but man, what a pretty setting! -Jess