Monday, January 02, 2012

Hardly Able to Contain

On April 3, 1963, Patriarch Blaine Hansen laid his hands on me and made this prediction: ". . . he [God] will pour out a blessing upon you that you will hardly be able to contain."

Over the years I have puzzled about this, and I have had many blessings that have been almost overwhelming. But there is one thing that fills the glass of happiness for a parent to the brim. I have decided that whatever else may come, this thing certainly fulfills Brother Hansen's prophesy.

It is my family. First, not many fathers are even able to have eleven children, and raise them to maturity as I have been able to do. Ammon is now sixteen, and before you know it, Kaitlin will be madly in love with someone, and he with her.

But think of this group of kids, and spouses. Temple marriages; faithful covenant makers; lovers of children and spouses and siblings; head on doers, taking challenges by the tail and riding them into the future; humorous and fun loving; knowledgeable; seekers after righteousness: these are just a few of the traits that you have manifest in our family. Wow, it is hard to contain the joy of such a posterity.

Will the next generation be more of the same? Most are young, but some are now getting close to missions, college, and good lives. There is no end to such a family. One grandchild has already obtained the celestial kingdom. She gives us all something to look forward to.

I thank you all for being who you are and sticking with Chris and I. In the pre-existence we told you that we would bring you here; we did. And you apparently told us that you would make good on the chance to be in the family; and you have. Again, it is hard to contain the joy of such a posterity.

Dad Clark


Dave and Tana said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I agree, what an amazing blessing! I'm so grateful to be sealed as a family.

The Duke said...

I'm glad you're the dad and I'm the mom..... I once thought I could ride into heaven on your coattails until you told me I couldn't because I had to get there by my own efforts. You certainly have been a great father and a great man in your own lifetime.
I love you - mushy enough?

Lokodi said...

Well, it is by your and mom's efforts that we are who we are. So we should be thanking you both and counting our blessings that we got you to be our parents. Thank you. We love you too dad!


Gillian Mohlman said...

I wonder what we did as a family to be blessed to all be sealed for eternity with our families and eachother- but then I remember the small things that you guys always made us do... read scriptures, say prayers, family night, go to church. All the simple things have turned into habits and given us testimonies and it is because of you and mom setting the example that we all got here the way we did. :)