Thursday, November 17, 2011

Update on Mom, Ammon & Holiday info

Thanksgiving is coming up really quick! I think I've finally come up with the basic menu and made a few assignments, but I'll email the rest of you coming to see if you can also help with a few of those. It should be a fun holiday with lots of laughter, music, food, games, etc. (in other words...happy noises-- bring earplugs if needed).

On another note, mom asked me to make sure everyone remembered who they have to shop for this year for xmas. I remember buying for Lance and Nancy's family last year, so the list for this year should look like this:

Jason buying for Lindsey and Hans
Adam buying for Lance and Nancy
Chelsey buying for Dave and Tana
Jess buying for Gillian and Kevin
Adrianne buying for Kaitlin
Lindsey buying for Ammon
Lance buying for Jason and Michelle
David buying for Adam and Amy
Gillian buying for Brent and Chelsey
Kaitlin buying for Jess and Jen
Ammon buying for Adrianne and Mike

That looks right. Let me know if I'm off on this. We can all do our own thing for mom and dad or go in on another group gift if anyone is interested. Email me privately if you are.

I spoke to mom tonight and she seems in good spirits overall, though she's had quite a bit more pain today. They already have her walking up stairs! She's bionic woman! Hopefully, she'll be able to go home tomorrow, but that might not happen. Dad is currently on his way to Primary Children's with Ammon. He's had a pretty high fever and Dad can't extract fluid at all from him, so they were told to get him to the e.r. asap. Dad sounds a bit tired, so keep him in your prayers too. I'm sure everyone will be fine, but I'm sure it's a bit stressful for them all right now. Please keep them all in your prayers. You might already have mom's contact info, but if not, her number at the hospital is: 801-465-7000 ask for rm #2008.

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