Saturday, November 12, 2011

An update on almost everyone

This week I talked to David, Lance, Adam, Jason (via email), Kaitlin, Dad, Mom, and Chelsey. Everybody's got lots of great things going on.

Dave just sent his business partners to do an after party at the CMAs (CMA stands for Country Music Awards for you country neophytes). Apparently they were doing a photo wall at a music label's after party and lots of stars were there. He was pretty excited. He's also excited for the job they're going to do for Wired Magazine in Times Square. Good things happening there.

Lance is curing breast cancer...just as soon as he gets a hair cut. He said he went camping last weekend and I said, "Oh yeah, because it's warm enough for you to still do that." (Remember, it snowed 4-6 inches on us last weekend.) His response: "No, it's finally cold enough for us to go camping."

Adam and Amy are moving to a house just about 7 miles from ours. We will pass their new place on the way to the temple. He's now about a mile or two away from the temple. He also just returned from two days "work" in Mesquite for a hotel resort.

Jason had a mid-life crisis last week apparently. Jared defines a mid-life crisis as "Jason just took us all out to dinner." He's also planning on re-roofing his house next spring. I have intimate knowledge of that job since I just did my own roof. Boy, it looks great!

Kaitlin is busy working, dating, dancing, and probably still eating her dinner at Chili's (she wasn't the fastest eater in the world...kinda like Lauren). They went shoe shopping at DSW Thursday night after coming to dinner with us for Jen's birthday and I hope she found something she likes.

Dad and Mom are both preparing for Mom's knee replacement surgery. She's going to be bionic by next Tuesday night. Good luck to them and here's to hoping Dad's able to figure out how to feed himself when Mom's down. :)

Chelsey is busy planning for a giant Thanksgiving feast at her house. I'm excited to listen to the music jam session with Brent, Brad, Charlie, and Adam. Then I'm sure I'll go outside because I'm not a big crowd kinda guy. Here's to hoping the weather's nice, eh? Maybe with enough men around we could do a flag football game???

Speaking of flag football, our season ended today. We got to the semi-finals but lost today in a hard fought game. It rained all night, so at least all the snow melted from last week, but it was very windy and a bit chilly this morning. I'm glad it's over because my Saturday's are so valuable, but it was a heckuva lot of fun this season. We are having someone come quote us for new windows this afternoon. Not sure we can afford to have them all replaced, especially by someone else. But I at least want to see what we're up against.

Looks like I need to catch up with Adrianne (whom I emailed this week), Lindsey, and Gillian (whom Jen talked to this week).


Haven Salon said...

not much new here. went to the doctor this week, baby is good. ive gained 10 pounds since the beginning and I get a 3D ultrasound this coming thursday which I am excited about. I get my diabetes test on dec. 6th, which I REALLY dont want to do but oh well.

Kevin is busy with school and work and we are excited that he will get a bonus next month! It wont be much but hey, anything helps. He is at work working out in the gym they have right now as I am just chillin at home and doing laundry.

We still have nothing for the baby. no crib, carseat, stroller, nothing. I am a little stressed about that because I would like to have it all done by 30 weeks and thats in 7 weeks, and its going to go by so fast with all the holidays!

I threw my first Mary Kay party last night. I didn't make any money. boo. But I did book some new parties so hopefully that will help.

what else... um, life really is kinda boring with us. I can't wait for thanksgiving though and all that good food. I'm seriously having dreams about it. ... :)


Kaitlin said...

Hey! I didn't get my food until like 10 minutes after everyone else did. That always happens to me!

Michelle said...

Who is Brad and Charlie?

Jess and Jen said...

Brad is Brent's brother who lives in San Francisco; Charlie is Brent's dad who lives in Indiana. They are coming out for the holiday. -Jess

The Duke said...

Check on Ammon's blog to hear about what he's been doing.

Jason said...

Jared better not have said, "Jason took us all out to dinner."

I am much too busy for a mid-life crisis. Maybe I'll have mine when I retire.