Saturday, October 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Ansleigh!

I believe that Ansleigh turned one year old today! We love you, baby girl, and hope you have a happy, fun day. We hope your parents spoil you rotten on this special day! (Hear that, parents?) If I had a picture to add, I would. Maybe David and Tana will add some as the day goes on.

HaPpY BirThDAy!!!


Gillian Mohlman said...

happy bday baby A! Wish you were here so we could spoil you!

-aunt gilly

Lokodi said...

Man, I can't keep up with all these birthdays. This is just crazy. First, Henry on Sept. 29th (or is it the 30th?), then Cecily on the 1st of Oct, then Ammon and Grace on the 5th, then Eva on the 6th, now Ansleigh today? That's just crazy. People, we need to plan this better. No one have fun on New Years Eve or New Years day again! :)

Happy birthday to Ansleigh! You sure are adorable.