Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Christmas Request

As all of you know, I am having a full knee replacement surgery on my left knee November 15. Because of that, I have to get my Christmas shopping and projects well on their way or even finished before the surgery. I hope to be back to work by Jan. 2. That is the goal.

So, I have a request for a project I'm doing for the family. I need each family to send me a digital photograph of your children. I don't want the parents in the photo unless you need to be there to hold a baby. It doesn't have to be formal of any sort, but I need all your kids to be together for one picture. I don't want individual kid pictures - they need to be in a group. It can be goofey or fun or serious or beautiful or whatever - just a photo with your kids (kid if only one). Please send this to me by October 15th if possible. I know you all have them because you post them. If the kids don't want to cooperate, tell them that this is for their crippled grandma. Maybe they will let you take one then. If you have one or more photos and can't decide, then send them and I'll decide. What I plan to do is really fun and I'm excited to get it done. If one family doesn't do it, then it won't work well. So PLEASE --- send me a photo. Send it to the family e-mail address at jcc011@msn.com.

Thank you!

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