Thursday, September 29, 2011

My dilemma: I have a friend who is going through a terrible tragedy with her daughter. You can read about it here. We decided after Laila died to do a family service project once a month (we try to write down all the service we do throughout the month but want to do at least one family one). Anyway, I thought we should do one as a family for my friend. I thought perhaps a hot chocolate stand or something along those lines and all the proceeds would go towards the expense for the surgery or whatever. But Mike doesn't feel comfortable trying to sell something to earn money. So, any ideas? He thought perhaps we just have the boys do service around the neighborhood and then we pay them from our own pocket for what they do and that money goes to my friend. But I feel like it might mean more if we involve the community in a way that we do service and they have a chance to contribute to that service. Thoughts? Ideas on something we could do that is a nice compromise?


The Duke said...

I finally had some time to read your friend's blog. It is a tough thing, that's for sure. I have a friend at work who's granddaughter had tumors in both her eyes. She is now blind but her grandmother says she is a very happy little girl and they think they tumors are now all gone. I believe she is now 6 years old. The child has learned to live with what she has. Sometimes it seems easier for children to accept than adults.
As far as service, I think it would be fine to have your boys do little service projects throughout the neighborhood and say why. People are generally happy to donate to a great cause. Who could resist your boys doing or selling anything?! You often see jars advertising someone's needs in the grocery stores. I personally like the idea of trying to get the community more involved in this situation.
This is a hard one, that's for sure. I'm very sorry and sad for your friend and her family.

Gillian Mohlman said...

I agree with mom, most people are fine with donating for a good cause and getting involved. I think I would involve the community. AND, it would be fun to do a community garage sale. Have everyone donate their old items and hold a big garage sale/yard sale and all proceeds can go to your friend. you could also sell baked goods there.