Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boring Lives

You all must have very boring lives and ugly children because nothing is going on here. Where are all of you?!?


Jess and Jen said...

Just before going to this blog, I commented to Jen, "Someone needs to blog on Motley Crew." Then I come here and see this.

Maybe I'll post pictures and info about my recent helicopter flight. It wasn't boring at all. -Jess

Kaitlin said...

School. Work. Performances. I posted just three days ago on my blog. I just get so busy. No one wants to hear about my hurt body and that is my life so I don't post on here.

The Duke said...

I want to hear about everything and see pictures of all the family because I don't get to see you very often. I want to know how the kids are liking school, what their new interests are, etc.
And yes, Jess, you had better tell about that helicopter ride. That was pretty exciting. And you can tell abou going to Ammon's class because he is beside himself with giddiness!!
There you go.

Gillian Mohlman said...

well I call you every day, but if you need a play by play.. :)

so far today, I got up, ate some yogurt, washed towels (because I threw up all over the bathroom floor yesterday, and had to use them to clean it up.) made the bed, started on some dishes, texted kevin so he isnt bored at school, checked my email... and opened all the blinds in the house to make it look sunny. there. thats what I did today!

and you will hear it all again when I Call you.

my life is kinda boring..

except I think I felt the baby move!