Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And we're (nearly) off

Jen and I are off to Europe tomorrow (Thursday) morning. We've very excited for this trip. For Jen, it's a bit of a walk down memory lane as she lived in Germany for 14 months as a kid and still remembers much of her time there.

I, on the other hand, have heard of Europe. Apparently it's got a lot of old buildings or something. And a sort of zero population problem (no workforce to support the aging population that does nothing but take holiday).

We fly SLC to Frankfurt and arrive in Germany Friday morning at 9:30am local time. Lindsey or Hans will pick us up unless they're at the hospital having their baby girl. If that happens, they've already arranged to have Renee pick us up. How lucky for us that we've got options in Germany.

We'll spend conference weekend with the Lokodi family and then fly to Rome on Tuesday, Oct. 4. I will spend the next four days trying to stay away at a conference full of geologists from all over the world. I will then attempt to wow them with my geospatial mojo on Friday in my 15 minute talk. Yes, I've given church talks longer than that and now I'm flying all the way to Rome to "work" for 15 minutes. Holy cow, that's lucky. I can see that, so you don't really need to remind me.

Saturday morning (Oct. 8) Jen and I fly to Paris. We'll do all the touristy stuff for two days / two nights and then fly directly home from Paris to SLC on Monday, Oct. 10 (federal holiday). I report back to work on Tuesday, Oct. 11 if I can stay awake. Jen and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday, Oct. 13. Can I count Europe as my present?


Lokodi said...

We're so excited to see you guys! Let's just hope I'm not spending the entire time in the hospital. We are really excited to have you guys, even if it's just for a long weekend. We just can't wait!!! Fly safe and we'll see you tomorrow morning.


Mike said...

What a fun, fun trip. I am not sure if I hope you don't get to see Lindsey much (because then she's having her baby--yay!) or if I hope you do get to see her that entire weekend (you've gone all the way to Germany--you ought to be able to hang out with your sister!) Italy and Paris plus Germany=dream vacation.

Jess and Jen said...

And by the way, while we'll have our cell phones, we'll be charged int'l roaming if we call or text. If you need to get a hold of us, please email. We should have wifi access during most our trip. -jess

Lokodi said...

Michelle, I appreciate your comment. That's actually exactly how I'm feeling. Very mixed feelings. I want them to have fun and be able to see things. I also want to be able to hang out with them the whole time they're here. However, it would be cool if they could be here for the baby too. Can you have the best of two worlds?


chelsey said...

So jealous! This will be a great trip for the two of you! I saw your kiddos last night and they were happy go lucky! No worries there.

Have a great trip and try not to have too many relaxing siestas while you're there! I hope Lindsey has her baby soon, so you'll at least get to hold her too!