Monday, August 29, 2011

Stiches, Running, and Lonely

Today I saw my Doctor, Todd Cook. He did my eye lid surgery. I finally got the stitches out! For the first time in ten days there is not something under my eye lid to scratch my eye. It feels great. I can see like a normal person, and do not have medication driping from my eye all over the left side of my face. I am very pleased.

This place on my eye is the area that was cut when Jason and I were involved in the head on collision in California. It has not bothered me until now, and I do not know why it did. But it did. Todd, who does this type of surgery as a speciallty, said that contantly pulling the curled lashes out would only cause my eyelid itself to curl into my eye, thus part of it was actually removed.

Now, you all must know something about Todd. He is forty-three years old going on twenty-five. He is what people who know call a trail runner. Not Iowa or eastern trails, he runs to the top of mountains. This year, including yesterday after church, he has run to the top of Mt. Timpanogos 57 times! He goes up any way he can, including up the face. He has also run almost every major mountian in Utah. In a couple of weeks he will be involved in a hundred mile trail race that goes up to the top of the Ogden mountains and then along the top ridge accross the interstate and then on to conclude the 100 mile race. He is a nut. I love it.

I talked to his nurses, two of which went running with him recently and said he is crazy, and they could not ever keep up with him. They run marithons, and said he will not do that because it is just too boring. Really?

Last of all, I am really lonely. My love is gone and I sleep alone. I talk to myself, and struggle to even do a little more than I normally do. Chrisser is the best wife and the most fantastic mother ever. She will be home late Tuesday night, none too soon for me.

Dad Clark


Kaitlin said...

I am glad that the stitches are out now and you feel much better.

Just wait and be patient for Mother. She will be there soon. Tomorrow night.

Dave and Tana said...

Good thing your stitches are out! Not a fun place to have them.

That Dr. is insane! How is that even physically possible? I need to get out and run.

Dave isn't home tonight either so we are in the same boat.

Gillian Mohlman said...

I am sorry you are feeling lonely. Kev works till midnight every night, so I know the feeling. At least you have Ammon who loves you very much! I am glad you got the stitches out.. it looked painful for sure. I am glad mom is coming home too! I miss her!

Jess and Jen said...

I have a co-worker who does the same runs and will be in the same race in a few weeks. I think it's called the Wasatch Back. He's done a few 100 mile races, often in terrain well over 10,000 feet. Needless to say, not for me. I always tell him, "I've read books about people like you...".

It seems like Mom has been gone forever, which is weird since I never see her. Not sure why this trip seems so long. I do see from her Facebook posts that she's having a great time with the Richards. -Jess

Lokodi said...

One of my really good friends has a dad who runs the 100 mile races too, and he's run the Wasatch Back I believe 5 times. That's seriously hard core! I don't know how anyone could physically do it, let alone want to do it. All the power to them I suppose.

Dad, I would love to say I sympathize with you, but mom has only been gone for what? Five days? Try 15 months...and having them somewhere dangerous, not Colorado Springs.

Okay, that's just the mean side of me. Sorry. It's a good sign that you miss her. It always helps to remember how much they mean to you. Glad you're eye is healing and you got the stitches out. Talk to you soon.