Friday, August 26, 2011

Folk Dancing

You should all be expecting a blog post from me on here tomorrow.

I have been involved in a thing called Pre-School Folk Dance Workshop. The workshop has an audition at the end for the Back Up International Folk Dance Ensemble. It is two days long, goes from 1-8 pm (we went until 8:30 tonight), and the second day has the actual audition having us do the dances that we have learned the past two days.

Well, I don't think I have ever hurt so bad in my entire life. I also had tap rehearsal today for World of Dance, (which you should come to by the way! I will put more info about that on the blog later) and that rehearsal lasted two hours. So basically I danced for seven hours yesterday and nine hours today.... straight. Wow. That is a lot. Even I am not used to that. Great way to get me ready for the semester huh?

I learned a lot of different styles. Let me give you the low down:
Day one consisted of learning a new rec night dance from Folk Dance Camp, Hungarian Gypsy dancing with a partner, the girls learned a really fast footwork Romanian (that I loved!) while the guys learned the cowboy dance that PAC does, then we killed some clogging, and then we did some Israeli with a simple Israeli lift. After all of that we reviewed everything and cooled down then were free to go. That was fun but killed me.
Day two had us all starting out so tired and super sore! We went straight into learning another rec night dance from the same Folk Dance Camp. After that we learned some crazy Bulgarian that had a partner. We then split and the guys learned some Hungarian (the kind where they slap their legs and all that craziness) while the girls learned classic Indian (India Indian not Ute kind of Indian). We then finished our clogging and then the audition started.

I will find out if I make the team by noon tomorrow. I will let you all know for sure!

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The Duke said...

I'm not leaving my phone behind. I'm anxious and excited for you. I'm also proud of all the hard work you have put into this. Good luck!!