Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Team Clark (Amy and Adam) Plans

Hey folks - Here's our basic plans:

1) Leaving for Colorado Springs Thursday morning early in order to make it to Denver in time for the session there. We might be traveling with Gilliam and Kevin, but we'll need to leave earlier to make it in time with the stops for the baby and kids.
2) We're bringing all 4 kids - I know our kids are super excited to see their cousins and play with them. They had an awesome time with the three Richards boys when they came out to Utah.
3) We are going to leave Sunday Morning. Whatever that means for lodging, whether a hotel or something else, we'll figure it out.

We look forward to being with you all.

By the way, this does not excuse anyone from their weekly call from me this week. :) Love you all.



Jess and Jen said...

You haven't called me at all during the last week.

Bring your kids' swimsuits. The Richards have a hot tub and it will be a nice diversion for them to jump in.

The drive took us 10.5 hours from Colorado Springs to my house in West Jordan (via I-70). That included all stops. I figure it'll take you about 8.5 - 9 hours to get to the temple in Denver. Then an additional hour to Adrianne's house after the session.

Team Clark said...

Ugh...You're right. It seems I call you so often Jess, that I just couldn't imagine that I didn't call you last week. But, Alas, it has been since the 15th that I called you - Although I did see you in person on the 17th...I know, still not a good excuse. I'll just have to call you three times this