Saturday, July 09, 2011

St. Pete Pier

I'm pretty sure this bird was about to attack me. Nancy, John, and I went to the St. Pete Pier to enjoy some of the scenery. It was a good time.

Photo op.

View from the top deck of the Pier. Part of downtown St. Pete.

John was terrified of this.

The front.

Nancy and John looking at all the dolphins. There were a ton of them playing around just off the pier!

I wish we could have been there when the sun went down. The pier lights up pretty cool. (see below) Perhaps another time without the little one...
So there you go. A rare Motley Crew picture post from Lancer Pancer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Papa Doc said...

You should post more often. These are great pictures and the last one is super great. I love the hair on that boy. He is so cute. I wish I could tickle him and hold him, and giggle with him. If you would get your skype to work, it would help.

Dad Clark

chelsey said...

Looks like a fun place to visit! But dude, are you wearing a gold necklace? If you are, you belong here in Jersey! Ha!

Alyssa said...

once A goose hissed at me. I don't like gesse

LanceandNance said...

Are you serious Chelsey? A gold necklace?

Well, I am proud to announce that I have not turned into a d-bag, creepster that wears gold necklaces. What you see in the picture is the shine of sweat on my skin.

And yes, there are plenty of New Jersey meatheads down here that do wear such attire. This is true.

The Duke said...

I loved the photos. I love the color of the bottom one especially. And I can certainly understand why John didn't want to be pelican food!
Loved this post.

chelsey said...

Ha! Come on Lance, you and your sweaty self look like you're sportin a necklace in that photo! Just kidding!