Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Guitar Teacher

This was sent out to me at work today. I thought it very interesting. It is the instructor bio for the instructor of the High School basic Guitar class, GUITR 041.

Lon Young, B.M.

If we were meeting properly, face to face, the subject of me probably wouldn't come up. This is for two reasons. First, I'm not very interesting. Second, you are. But since I can't ask you about you, I'll have to talk about me. The good news is if, at any point over the next seventy-four pages of this autobiographical sketch, I become boring, tedious, or verbose, you can just skip over it . . . and I'll never know. True, I might sense it, but I will never know for sure. So don't be concerned for my feelings — my fragile self-concept won't actually shatter; it will merely totter precariously from the verge of a fairly low precipice.

Let me start at the beginning.

Although, admittedly, I remember that period of my life in only hazy detail, my long months in the womb must have been trauma-filled. I offer three lingering vestiges as proof: (1) I experience a claustrophobic panic when trapped in tight places, (2) the calls and songs of humpback whales recall for me a primordial longing, and (3) I weep inconsolably when I read the biblical story of Jonah. I've confronted my mother with these facts, but she insists that she provided an idyllic gestation. I . . .

  • We regret to inform the reader that several pages of the instructor's rambling autobiography had to be cut from this course, due to length constraints. We continue near the end. — the editors

. . . and so several years ago, I began offering guitar classes for students at a middle school, where I also teach jazz, concert bands, and choir. In those classes I have learned what most students hope to gain from a beginning guitar course, and I try to reflect those interests in this course.

Over the years I have also taught classes in Greek mythology, coached dramatic scenes from Shakespeare, led students on bird-watching expeditions, and found other sneaky ways of getting paid to do stuff I love. My interests shift and expand daily — I devour books on nearly any subject and vow never to rein in my curiosity. One constant is my passion for the fine arts — they have made me rich and alive. The other enduring interest is my wife and our three spirited daughters. When they're all in a good mood at the same time, our house is the merriest place on earth.

I hope you'll feel comfortable contacting me at any time throughout the course. Best wishes!

Hope you enjoyed a good laugh from this instructor bio.



The Duke said...

That is funny. I'd like to meet this teacher!

Lokodi said...

He sounds like a pretty fun teacher. That was really clever. I'd like to take from him.


Mike and Adrianne said...

He sounds like a really fun teacher. you should take guitar lessons from him.