Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Adrianne:

The funeral will be Friday morning in Colorado Springs. For anyone who is in town Thursday night, Adrianne is asking for a temple sealing session in the Denver temple -- sitters will be provided by people in her ward. If you do plan on participating in the temple session Thursday night, Chelsey needs an RSVP to arrange for the appropriate number of sitters. Don't bend over backward to make it here in time for the temple session, but if you want to participate you are welcome.

Adrianne's house is full and not available for additional lodging. If you need lodging, please let Chelsey know because there are a few families in the ward who are offering spare bedrooms.

Please use Chelsey as the point of contact for your logistics. She's here and will remain through the funeral. Her cell number is listed on the family spreadsheet.

A point of reference for Adrianne's location: It is about 600 miles from SLC via I-80. If you fly into Denver, remember that the drive from the airport to her house is an hour and twenty six minutes. Check out the family spreadsheet for her exact address.

I will be out of the loop for the next day since we'll be driving home.


joeandcarole said...

With all of your family contributing to these blogs, I'm not sure who I'm communicating with...I want you, Adrianne and Mike to know that we'll be thinking of you and praying for your peace and solace while you are in the Temple. That is such a special place for you to commune with Heavenly Father and ponder these events. I am so glad that I was able to meet and hold little Laila (when Chris or some aunt or another weren't cuddling with her!) She is such a special spirit and beautiful little person. Aren't the Temple blessings so amazing, knowing you will all be together forever? It's just the longing and emptiness for those left on earth when one passes through the veil, especially one as young and special as Laila. Am I making sense? I love you all and am pleased that Amy and our grandchildren are part of your special love. Chris and Jim, as grandparents, our hearts and love are with you. Love to Ammon also.

Team Clark said...

You can probably tell, but just in case you're wondering that first comment is from my mom. :)