Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catch & Release

Today I felt lazy so Jim suggested I go with him to take his birds out for a training flight. We went to the north end of Utah Lake in Saratoga Springs. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed scenery on our little trek. The picture below is Brent and Chelsey's future.

Jim caught the birds early this morning and then released them near the lake. It was difficult to keep track of them. They fly fast!

Notice the pretty splash (white colored) pigeon.

We aren't sure what the name of the butterfly is, but it may be in the family of yellow and black swallowtail butterlies.

Jim took this picture. The horse was scratching his leg.

I wish every day of my life could be spent like this -- enjoying the scenery, not worrying about work and just being lazy!

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Mike and Adrianne said...

It looks like a great day Mom! Thanks for the pictures.