Wednesday, July 06, 2011

BYU Center for Animation

Tonight Jim, Kaitlin and I took Ammon to the BYU Center for Animation. We were invited to come tonight so we could see what they do as a group and because a graduate of the program was back from Hollywood and was going to be there to say hi. I thought it would be pretty interesting, but it was beyond that! Holy cow! Did you know it costs Pixar 3 million dollars to make a 5 minute "short" film? It costs 2 million dollars per running minute to make a full-length animated feature film. It is very labor intensive. We watched a couple of students working on various things and then got to see the newest movie and it's progress as they discussed what they needed to do next.
It was so cool! At the end, they presented Ammon with a shirt, all the videos they have made and a pretty interesting brochure that they send out to possible donors. Ammon was very excited - and so were the rest of us.
What a neat experience. Ammon will make a post as soon as my camera batteries are charged and we can download some pictures.


Dave and Tana said...

That is so expensive...How do they even make money?

marcie said...

You are always doing such fun and interesting things! Cool you got a shirt Ammon! sounds like a great night.

Alyssa said...

wow how fun!

Michelle said...

Sounds fun and interesting. I'm surprised at the cost for a movie.