Saturday, July 23, 2011

Air Force Academy - Chapel

We've been in Colorado Springs since Thursday night visiting Mike, Adrianne, and their four kids. We've seen many of the same sights Mom and Dad saw a month ago when they came out (Garden of the Gods, Air Force Academy, Focus on the Family visitor's center), but we have one up on Mom and Dad. We actually got to go inside the chapel at the Air Force Academy. Here are a few pictures.

We'll be seeking out an LDS chapel tomorrow, and will probably even attend! (No worries, the Richards haven't apostatized, so we'll actually go to their ward.)


The Duke said...

Oh, lucky you!! Love the pictures. It's a pretty special place, isn't it!

Phoenix Blue said...

The Academy actually has an LDS chaplain, Zebulon Beck. If you plan to be in the area a little longer, you can call the chapel (719-333-2636) and see when they offer LDS services.