Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some things I've thought about this week

This week I have had two related realizations. First, what someone sees as poop, someone else sees as fertilizer. I'm glad not everyone sees me as poop.

Second, (and not quite so gross an analogy) I went for a walk and noticed the moon and stars. They were so clear. I haven't seen a sky that clear for a long time--the sky was always so grey in Ohio. It seemed like I was seeing the sky in a whole new way. I thought about that and how the sky is the same here in Colorado as it is in Ohio--it's the same stars and the same moon. Even though it's the same, my perception of them were different. It was hard to see the sky for what it was because of all the grey. It made me think about Heavenly Father and how he sees everything clearly. He is able to see through all the grey to behold things as they really are. He sees us as we really are. I'm thankful for that.


Dave and Tana said...

I like this. Thanks for sharing.


chelsey said...

Well, I don't see you as poop. Just so ya know.

And I love it when my perspective suddenly changes on something. Especially when it's about something we're always seeing. It's like getting a little glimpse of what we're supposed to see, or an eternal perspective on something.

Alyssa said...

feces make great fertilizer....:D

chelsey said...

Ha! You're funny Alyssa! That's one to look at it!