Thursday, June 23, 2011

Isaac's Birthday Party

Mike and Adrianne decided to throw an early birthday party for Isaac so he could share the day with his cousins. His birthday isn't until the end of July but they wanted him to have a great party. It was such a fun evening!! Here is Mr. Isaac himself.

They played on a water slide, had a relay race carrying water to buckets and had a water balloon toss which didn't last very long.

One happy little boy that didn't get wet!

Lauren is the spittin' image of Jen.

Here's the relay action. The girls won, by the way. By a landslide.

Little boy cousins eating dinner.

I think Abby is licking icing off the Star Wars figure. A few hours before the party Will fell on some wire and cut his upper lip and nose - so he had a bandaid on.

Everybody had fun, including the adults. Adrianne made a very yummy cake and the food, while simple tasted good. Maybe because all food eaten outside tastes better.

We're sure glad Isaac got to have a great day.


Jess and Jen said...

That's eaten outside is always better! It was a great party and we had lots of fun! -Jen

Jess and Jen said...

Sure I'm not a real big fan of outdoor food but I like it mostly. I agree with my mom about the party. It was great!-Abby

Alyssa said...

Abby! I miss you so much! I haven't seen you since I was eight! well I am glad you guys had fun. Happy early birthday Isac!

Scott said...

Happy birthday Isaac

Seth and Natalie said...

These pictures look so fabulous, my favorite is slip n slide. You are such a great photographer! Looks like your family had a good time!

chelsey said...

Looks like a party my kids would've loved to play at! Jake would've been in heaven with all those boy cousins! Great photos too!

Happy early bday Isaac