Sunday, September 07, 2008

Westward Ho!

After watching airfares for a couple of weeks, we decided that it would be cheaper if we just drove to UT for Dave's wedding. So, Mom and Dad, would you mind if we stayed at your place for a couple of days? Since it is the middle of the school year, we won't be able to stay long but it will be nice to see everybody. The plan is to arrive very late on Wednesday, October 22nd and to leave early Sunday morning. Let's hope the snow holds off in WY.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

WOULD I MIND???!! Are you kidding?
We'd love to have you here. We will work out places for everybody to stay and will love to see all of you.
You and Michelle can stay in the back bedroom, Adrianne & Chelsey can stay in the girls' bedrooms and the girls can stay with friends or sleep on couches. We will get some pads and sleeping bags for the kids.
We'll work it out and have a good time doing it.

chelsey said...

I talked to Michelle last night and then to Brent. We'd like to try and bring us all out too, but I don't know if I can get the primary program date switched. It's the following Sunday (26th) and the primary pres. doesn't really want to switch it for me. She just says she'd rather get a sub to take my place. It just seems weird to have worked with the kids all year on the program songs and then expect a sub to take over. We're learning sign language (which a sub obviously won't know) obligatos and musical instruments with one of the songs. That's a lot for a sub to bite off. If I can convince them to move the date of the program up a week, we'll all come out too, but it's not looking too hopeful. It'll probably just be me still.

Jess and Jen said...

I added it to the family calendar. Looking forward to seeing some true Midwesterners.

Jess and Jen said...

last night Abby was really excited about getting to meet six of her cousins for the first time, but this morning she says she's feeling a little shy about it! Silly girl. We're excited to see you guys! Chelsey, we hope you can switch your primary would be so fun to see all of the Pughs!


Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm excited to see everyone!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

This is one of the happiest things I have ever heard. I feel so guilty sometimes not being able to go to Iowa to see you all. I try to call often, and talk to the kids, too. They are so neat to talk to and are invloved in life and growing up in fantastic ways.

Thank you for trying to come out with everyone. It will be one of my best times of life.

Oh, and would we mind? Well, no! We will be there the moment you come and be there the sad moment that you leave. I'm already crying about that!~

Dad Clark

Michelle said...

Things are getting set in motion. I was able to donate plasma today so that's another $35 for fuel put in the vacation bank. I officially got subs for all my aerobics classes, that happened today and I requested off the days we will be gone for both Caleb and I at HyVee. Church doesn't know yet, but my calling is only done on the 3rd Sunday so I'm good to go. Our plan is to leave between 4 and 5 a.m. on the 22nd and get there as quick as possible with few stops. I told the children they can all just wear a diaper for the drive out, so we don't have to stop at all. That didn't go over well. I don't think they knew I was kidding.