Friday, September 05, 2008


Name the movie and leading lady:

Our State Fair is the best state fair.  Don't miss it, or even be late.

We went to the Utah State Fair last night.  I doubt that it's the "best state fair" but it's fun nonetheless.  We've got plenty of freaks walking around, deep-fat fried food (PB&J, seriously), tractors on display, country dance demonstrations, and farm animals.  The longer we were there the longer I wondered whether the fair was really for me and not my kids...  The first day of the fair is always cheap: $2/adult, kids 5 and under (all mine) are free.  Other days: $8/adult.  We saved a chunk of change by going yesterday.

As we wandered through the cow barn, we found a cow that's close to our heart.  For some reason, it was like pulling teeth to get our Abby to stand next to this sign for a picture.  Abby, meet Miss Abby.  Happy mooing.


Jason said...

It's from Rogers and Hammerstein's "State Fair."

Looks like you guys had fun. We missed ours this year. One of the big deals in the Iowa State fair is the Butter Cow. Every year a local artist sculpts a life-sized cow out of butter. However, this year the sculpture was of the gymnest Shawn Johnson who is from Des Moines.

By the way, I love the plaque that is between your girls. Check out the second line. It says Sex: Cow and then %:100. Ya think? Its pretty rare to have a cow that is anything other than 100% cow. Now, I've known new kids on the Dairy that have tried to milk bulls (we used to pull that one on city kids) but I am pretty sure that didn't work out so well - probably because they were 100% bull.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Ha, that's funny Jason. Our state fair is next week. I think we might try and go.

chelsey said...

Our state fair came and went without us even knowing about it until after the fact. I figured there'd be better advertising or something about it, but we didn't hear or see anything. My kids always love the state fair and miss Utah's. They'd ask everyday on the way to school how long it was before the next one started.

And the actress you're looking for is Judy Garland I think.

Jess and Jen said...

Fooey, I thought I was asking a trick question. I thought the movie was actually Meet me in St. Louis with Judy Garland, but the point of that movie was a World's Fair, not a lowly state one.

Jason got the right answer. Chelsey got who I was thinking of. The leading lady, in fact, was not Judy Garland in State Fair.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Jason, your post was hilarious!
I love State Fairs. I have been to Utah's multiple times, Indiana's (huge!), Nebraska's, and California's. Of all of them, California's proved to be the most interesting because you tend to forget that people-infested state has any produce -- wrong! Besides, they had decorators come in a actually decorate the displays and they were all a thing of beauty.
Every single time I walk past the flower beds at the Abraham Smoot Building on BYU campus, I smell the flowers and am instantly taken back to the California State Fair's flower show. It was fantastic!
I think it's great that a 100% cow was named Miss Abby. But our 100% girl is a lot cuter. :)