Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Southwest sale

I started looking for flight info from Southwest today. I found a roundtrip flight from Columbus,OH to SLC for Dave's wedding for $253 total. That included taxes and fees! There's a sale going on with Southwest for flights to and from SLC. Just thought I'd let you all know if any out of towners were looking for a flight deal. The sale is on the web fare deal.


Jess and Jen said...

Ooh, ooh, can I come? I wanna fly!

Hey, we have a bedroom and twin bed (as well as a living and family room with a few couches) available for anyone who wants to or needs to bunk up with us. -Jess

Michelle said...

We were online last night, but problem is Southwest flyies out of Chicago and that is 4 hours away from us and parking at the airport is $25 a night. We saw a deal for $227 total with taxes and fees, but then we have to figure in gas there and back and that outrageous parking.

Flying from Cedar Rapids (a 20 minute drive) is going for $473 with fees right now.

I think only Jason will be going. I'm sure that's okay with everyone anyway.

Michelle said...

Jason said that my comment sounds bad, let me clarify.

What I meant was

If only one of us were to go, which is what it is looking like with high airline prices and the fact that if I went it would mean us getting a sitter as well and spending more. Obviously I'm sure you'd want Jason there so he will be the one going.

I didn't mean it any other way

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

We'd love to see both of you. As you pointed out, there isn't a very cheap way to get out of Iowa and that has been our dilema in getting there. I wish the whole family could come out because we miss all of you so much.
I'm hoping for a family reunion with the whole family in 2010. We need to get discussing it to see if that would give everyone enough time to save up. I desparately want to see everybody and it would be so fun to watch cousins play with each other now that we have a bunch.
Hey, only two more to get married -unless Ammon follows as well. He is already asking what age he has to be to get married - when Jess told him he would need to be at least 21-25 he said, "Drats! Well, maybe in the Millenium." That's more likely.
But we're counting down....Gillian is next, Kaitlin not for a very long time. :)

Lance&Nance said...

Good job Dave.

Dave said...

thanks everyone. i am very excited