Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My most embarrassing moment

This last Monday, our family was invited to dinner at a ward member's home. The Thatcher family just moved into our ward in June and is trying to get to know everyone by inviting families over for FHE. Apparently it was our family's turn. We knew the Thatcher's a little before this dinner, so it was a nice visit. Bro and Sis Thatcher had made a great Chinese meal for us with all kinds of different things to put on our rice (stir frys, orange chicken, etc.) and an egg drop soup. Everything tasted wonderful! We were asking for the recipe and while I was eating some of the beef, a piece of it lodged in my throat. The beef I had in my mouth had some fat or something on it that I couldn't seem to chew through. Unfortunately, it started down my throat involuntarily. I knew I wouldn't be able to swallow it all without choking, so I just kept trying to break the meat up with my teeth. No go... Suddenly, I was barfing. I covered my mouth and took off looking for the bathroom. I was opening doors all over the hallway looking for the bathroom before everything came up and out! Sure enough, there I was, puking in the bathroom while the 6 Thatcher kids were wondering what the heck I was doing. Great. So now I've been invited to someone's home only barf it all up. I was MORTIFIED!! There was really nothing I could do. Thankfully the Thatcher's didn't seem to think I was a bulemic. I don't think I'll ever live that down. I guess I ought to be grateful I didn't throw up on the table -- or in Brent's egg drop soup!


Jason said...

I'm sitting here at my desk laughing out loud. Thanks!!!

Yes, you are right, you will never live this one down.

Mike and Adrianne said...

That is embarrassing. Did they think you were throwing up because you didn't like their food?

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I needed a good laugh today - thanks for giving it to me. Luckily you could throw it up and didn't need the Hemilich maneuver!
Yeah - you probably won't have to worry about another invitation there.... :)

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Way to go Chelsey! Just tell them that you are the Bishop's wife and allowed to do strange things at will.

At least it was not peas and on the table.

Dad Clark