Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a few things

1. I just bought strawberries on Saturday. I bought them from Sam's Club because we have been eating fruit fast enough for me to buy a bigger amount. It is Monday morning and probably half of them have already gone bad. It seems that I have this problem a lot. I don't want to have to go to the store every two days for fruit. Does anyone have a solution to my fruit problem?

2. We are having a photo contest. We have one wall in our house that REALLY needs help. We thought a nice picture would be perfect. We have looked around and found some pictures that are nice but none of them really have any meaning to us. So we were thinking it could be fun to have a photo contest. I know there are a lot of people in this family that are interested in photography and we thought maybe we could open it up to everyone. Anyone that wants to participate is welcome. We don't really have any rules but Mike mentioned a few things. The first one is that we are going to blow the picture up so it would need to be a picture that will still look sharp and good as a big picture. The second is that we don't really love the idea of hanging a picture on our wall of someone else's kids. Although, if it is a good enough picture we would entertain the idea. I figure that even though it won't be a picture that we take it should have more meaning to us than some random picture at a store if one of our siblings or parents take it. So, if you want to participate post a comment on here and let us know. I don't want it to drag out too long so if you want to submit a photo we aren't giving you a year to do so. It can also be a picture you have take in the past. It doesn't have to be a recent one.

3. Does anyone have an old Anatomy book they want to send us? Will is REALLY into bones and bodies right now. He wants to look at pictures of bones every day. We want to get him a book that he can look at.

Ok, that's it.


Jason said...

We also go through a lot of strawberries - when they are on sale. We have found that they last longer if taken out of the bag and stored in the fridge. Sometimes that doesn't even work, though. Sometimes we just seem to buy them right on the cusp of rot.

When I was about Geoff's age, Mom and Dad purchased an anatomy coloring book for me. It is a large (tall, not thick), paper back book that is very detailed. Also, you need to remember that anytime you get any anatomy book there will be more in there than just bones and muscles. Will probably isn't ready for the reproductive section. I've seen the book Mom and Dad bought for me at Barnes and Noble. Borders might have it too. That book is what first turned me on to science.

Michelle said...

With strawberries you have to wash and completely dry them as soon as you buy them, then store them in a different container or a different bag than the one you brought them home in. This is because there is natural mold spores on your fruit when you bought it and you have to wash it away. Even a fruit wash is great too. Since I took this suggestion that I heard on a cooking show my strawberries seem to last a few days or so.

Jillywilly said...

Aids, we do have that anatomy book. its a coloring book for anatomy. We can send it to you if you want. We actually have two, because one is Mom and Dads, and one is from John. When I was in Anatomy he gave me his to use. So I will send you mom and dads. I want to participate in the contest! I will have to start takin some pics.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

No, Gillian, you won't send that to them. Send John's if you want. I was going to suggest that book because it's great, but we won't send it because Ammon pours over it. He loves the book. Sorry Gillian - it was a great gesture, but it's now Ammon's book. I'm sure you can find one that hasn't been colored in and torn and dog-eared like ours is. Will might want to color it and you could help him. Look for it at the stores Jason mentioned. I'll look at the title and give you a call this week with the title.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Thanks Jason and Michelle for the advice on strawberries. I think I will do that next time and let you know how it worked.

Also, we looked at some anatomy books and saw that there are things in there we don't want will to see yet. We figure we can cover those pages or pull them out. I will look for a book.

Lokodi said...

I'm in on the photo contest. Germany is the perfect place for photography. What colors are in your living room?


Mike and Adrianne said...

Our living room is a light sea green. We want to paint it a brown or tan.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Mom needs to look up that book name for you asap. It is the best one on the subject. I am at the hospital and cannot do it. I am so pleased that Jason loved it so much. I did not know that he did. And Mom is right, Ammon loves the book now. He often spends lots of time going over things.

And as for the grownup things, well, they are not a problem. They are just drawings of anitomical parts, and would not even be significant to a boy Will's age. When they are, it will matter little whether he has them in a book like this one or any other. He will see from many sources whether you want him to or not. And the pictures in this book are not offensive in any way.

When I get home I will get you some photographes.

Dad Clark

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

The name of the book is "The Anatomy Coloring Book" by Wynn Kapit/Lawrence M. Elson.
Great book!
We use it all the time.