Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Lindsey, I tried to wait, but no one else is stepping up to the plate, so here goes:

Happy 15th Birthday, Caleb. You'll be driving in no time! Driver's Ed, then license, then freedom! Right?

Have a good birthday and I hope you enjoy your day, dude!


chelsey said...

Hey Caleb! Have a great one today! Happy Birthday from all of us!

Katy Bug! said...

Happy Birthday man!! I hope you have a great day! Can't believe you are 15, stop getting older because that means I will. Anyways I miss ya tons and hope to see you sometime! Hopefuly we can go to EFY together this next summer! Happy Birthday once again!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!! I can't believe you are 15 today, well actually tonight at 9:55 M.S.T. but that's because I worked on your labor all day! That was a lucky day, Adam was on his way to the M.T.C. and the entire Clark family was there for your birth. A very special time. You decided to be born 2 weeks early and with perfect timing so everyone could be there to hold you. We have a group picture of this, but it's in a scrapbook and we don't have a scanner or I'd scan it and post that picture for all to enjoy. I still remember the night before racing Grandpa Clark on my bike. We rode as fast as we could around our apartment buildings. Don't remember who won that race, but I went into labor the next day so the race sure helped event progress.

We just got home from our tradition of taking the children out to eat on their birthday to the place of their choice. Usually we go to dinner, but Caleb is in the middle of Band camp this week and couldn't go tonight because of that. We just went to lunch. He picked Pizza Ranch. I'm pretty sure he loved it. He picked out lots of dessert pizza. I tried to get pictures, but he covered his face for all but one picture that I will try and get posted in a week or so. Having camera issues as I wrote about on my blog.

Mike and Adrianne said...

15! Whew, you are getting so old! Happy Birthday. It sounds like you've already had a great day.

Mike and Adrianne

Ammon said...

Happy birthday Caleb.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Hey big Cay! Hope you have had a great day! We remember the day of your birth very well - it was so nice of you to make your appearance early just so we could meet you!
Enjoy being 15. I can't believe you are so old already!
Grandma & Grandpa Clark

Team Clark said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I missed calling you Kay, but I think you are a great kid. We had fun when you were here last year. Now you are ready to agitate for driving. Jason and Michelle are about to learn new things about kids. Good for you, but be nice. Sugar wins more than vinegar.

Dad Clark