Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free of viruses

What virus protection software do any of you use? Are you happy with it? We use AVG because our internet provider suggested it -- and it's free. I guess like most virus scan stuff, it does slow the computer down. Any better suggestions?


Michelle said...

Norton 360 is ours. I like it a lot. It does cost $50.00 a year, but it's what my computer company, Dell, recommended I have on my laptop.

Dave said...

well adam reccomended avast to me cause it was free but then it all the sudden stopped and said that i need to register and pay. i am looking for a good free one

Team Clark said...

Avast is free and I can help Dave with that. We must have installed the wrong version. Avast is great. I use it at home for free and our company uses it on all our computers.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I use Norton and find it to be great. But it is like others that do lots of things. It can take a while to load. I use it to do lots of other cleanup work, as well.

I find the free Spybot to be as good as anything for spyware removal and prevention.

I do use different ones on the laptop since the store wanted to sell others and talked me into it.

Dad Clark