Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank Heaven for ward members!

We have a family in our ward who has 5 girls and no boys. Their daughters usually babysit for us since they live close to us. Brent hometeaches the Bartletts and I visit teach her as well. Brent helped them out a while back with some kitchen work (sanding, drywall, staining cabinets) so Bro Bartlett said he'd help figure out what's been wrong with our mower. Our self-propelling part of the mower gave out and neither Brent nor I could physically push the mower up the bottom of our backyard. It's way too steep. We've been letting the weeds take over while we get estimates and decide what to do. Yesterday, while Brent was gone, the Bartletts showed up and fixed our mower in 10 min! We can actually mow our yard now!!! I can't even tell you how happy that makes me! We were starting to look rather redneck with an overgrown yard. You couldn't even see the trees I planted a while back. (Yes dad, these are the tiny trees I ordered online and they've already grown about a foot!) It's amazing what a little grass seed and those willow trees I planted have done to improve the bottom of the yard already!


Then to top it all off, this great family helps me with Geoff and Sarah during Sacrament each week. I asked if I could sit by them and get help if I needed to take Jake out, and their daughters come prepared to help! They've even managed to get Sarah and Geoff to sing the hymns and sit quietly during the sacrament. What a blessing!

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Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I am so glad you have been able to sit by a family that can help with the kids. That's how we all got acquainted with Nancy Flack (now Teusch). She sat with all the kids when I had to take a rowdy one out in the foyer. It's so helpful when you have someone else that is willing to sit with you. For some reason, it seems like the kids behave better for someone else more than they did for me.
Horray for you!