Monday, July 07, 2008

Surprise Award!

Today we had our monthly Purchasing/Travel Dept meeting and I was greatly surprised to receive a wonderful award. Two of us received this honor. I was nominated by a woman I work with in Dining Services, Alisa Scoles, for some work I had done and some help I was able to give in her efforts to get an 8-month old credit that was due to us completed and some other things I had done for Dining Services. This was given in my efforts to "respect sacred funds." I received this beautiful silver award - it is a ball in the middle with a clock on one side and the BYU logo on this side as you can see. It rolls around and it's really beautiful.

The award is the Staff & Administrative Employee Recognition Award, which is a fairly new program Human Resources has begun campus-wide.
Along with the beautiful plaque, I received a $100 bill and a $100 gift certificate to Chef's Table - one of the best restaurants in the county (so I have heard).
I was shaking like a leaf when they gave me all this and had me open it up in front of everybody. I was trying hard not to cry and when they asked me if I had anything to say, I held up the money and said, "This buys us 10 nights at the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you to everyone!"
Wow! I am touched and grateful for good people all around me in a great work environment. I guess the stress paid off.


Lance&Nance said...

That is so wonderful mom! I am glad you are being recognized for your hard work and dedication at work. We all in the family, of course, already know that you are amazing. Enjoy the meal!
lance and nance

Jess and Jen said...

Wow! That really is awesome. I'm glad they realize how lucky they are to have you work for them! You deserve to have your work recognized.


Katy Bug! said...

You deffinately deserve it Mom. You work so hard every day. Thank you for all that you go through at work to help the whole family. We all love you so much from the deepest parts of our hearts.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Mom, that is so awesome. I teared up when I read this post because I know how hard work is for you and I'm so grateful those around you notice it and appreciate it.

Team Clark said...

That's great, Chris!

chelsey said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO BYU'S MOST VALUABLE EMPLOYEE! Our family is happy to "loan" you to the university! What a great blessing that is for you! I got teary eyed too knowing how much this must mean to you! It's nice to know you're appreciated. Every job should be recognized in some way!

Jason said...

Good job, Mom. You deserved it.

Mark & Keri said...

Congratulations! I think you deserve this award and much, much more.You are one of my favorite people in the whole world. Kudos!!
Love, Keri

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Mom deserves even more than the recognition that she gets. She is so dedicated and honest. Her value system controls all she does. That is really a very laudable thing in today's world, even at BYU.

I wrote lots of other things the other day, but lost them in a signing in error. Needless to say, I love this woman so much, and if pride can be had righteously by anyone for having such a companion, it is had by me.

Glad Dad Clark