Saturday, July 05, 2008


One of Jake's favorite things is to play Superman. He wears this cape a lot! He loves to run around the house pretending to fly. I love it! I like that he's got an imagination! It seems the kids these days have too many "things" and not enough imagination. It's always a struggle to get the kids away from tv, computers, and video games. Even when they go to their friend's homes, I find out they've been sitting there playing video games or watching tv! It's irritating for me! It's hard to find activities that don't cost a lot that stimulate the brain. Any fun summer ideas for me?


Jess and Jen said...

If you had mountains and canyons, I'd say take 'em hiking! Abby and Leah love to to hike in the mountains.

Nice underpants, Jake...

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

You do have hills and lots of forested places. That would make for many fun hikes. There should be some parks on the order of Pioneer Park in Nebraska, too. That was fun every time we went.

Believe it our not, I wore a Zorro cape as as kid, and it was my mother's foundest memoriy of me.

Great look Jake.

Dad Clark