Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random Pictures


Our cat Calvin sleeping

The Clark children playing in the street after a huge rain storm.
Jared giving Daniel rabbit ears in Godfather's Pizza, both being goofy.
Jason and Michelle in Hawaii 2004
Scott taking a picture of himself on Saturday July 26th
Alyssa showing off a gift she liked July 25th


chelsey said...

Glad to see everyone survived while Michelle was gone! Looks like you're all doing well!

Jess and Jen said...

I was going to say "16 years, and what have you got to show for it?!" Well, I guess the pictures tell the story pretty well. Looks like you've made good use of the 16 years you guys have been together. Happy Anniversary.


Ammon said...

What's the matter, Jason - didn't you like the picture Michelle put on of you? Come on, it was cute... :)

Jason said...

I like the one on there now even less. I just don't take very good pictures anymore. I'm getting too old.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Yes, you are getting older. I, however, have a son almost forty years old. That is scary for me.

The pictures of the kids are great. What a bunch! I echo Jess' comments, you and Michelle have some wonderful things to show for your time together.

Dad Clark