Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hospital Picnic

Brent arrived in SLC tonight for business and wanted to visit Ammon. Those of us who logistically could gather all met at Shriner's. Mom brought up some food for a picnic at the hospital. We were able to wheel Ammon out of his room (still in his bed) into a commons area so we could all hang out. It was good to see Brent and it was really good for us all to see Ammon doing so well. He has nothing plugged in to him! No oxygen, no IV, no chest tube, no respirator, no nothing. Just six screws holding a halo and 5 pounds...

Here's a pic of Brent and Ammon. Although Ammon's eyes look psycho here, he was in great spirits, telling jokes, singing songs, and doing very well. We just caught him in a weird a pose. Mom took some great pictures and video.


chelsey said...

Thanks for taking care of my hubby while he's out there for work. I'm so glad he got to see Ammon for us! Funny thing though -- he called this morning and said he'll have to drive back up tonight and drop off the package we put together for him. He was so excited to get together and see everyone last night, he simply forgot to take the gift! So Ammon, look for Brent later tonight or tomorrow before he flys out!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Your hubby is a wonderful man! He was happy, and seemed to be happy to be here. Also, he came back the next night and left the wonderful things you got for Ammon. I especially enjoyed the pictues, but Ammon and I both watched the movie, and even I enjoyed it immensely. Perhaps even more than Ammon did. I love baseball!

Thank you both for your consideration, and it was great to see Brent, Brad, and Lisa.

Dad Clark