Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For Geoffrey & Sarah

It's the day after surgery and I'm back at the hospital. Ammon is still intubated and I'll admit to a little concern. They have been suctioning him out because he has some fluid in the lungs but if his blood gases are good enough, they hope to take the tube out so he can breathe on his own and hopefully cough up the junk. He has been very alert and makes hand gestures (thumbs up, thumbs down, etc.)
The reason I say I'm back at the hospital is because I left here about 9:00 p.m. last night to get some much needed sleep. I am staying at the Ronald McDonald House, but not the main one on South Temple. They have purchased a second house about two blocks east. This morning when I got up and went outside, I realized that Geoffrey & Sarah's school that they used to attend was directly across the street! So I took a photo just for them.
In order to stay in the Ronald McDonald House, you have to have a social worker from a hospital refer you. My friend, Janet Jackson (now Tate), referred us. Once you get a spot, you can keep it as long as you want. It only costs $10.00/night to stay in a really classy place. They have a kitchen and you can cook your own breakfast, fix lunches, etc. All you have to do is clean up after yourself. I stayed at the second house and it is a truly gorgeous home that has the feel of a bed and breakfast. They have sleep number beds - don't think I would purchase one but it was a fun experience. Anyway, here are the photos so Geoff and Sarah can see their old school.
Sorry Guys - I can't move the photos - Jess told me to try control Z and Control V but it still doesn't work on this computer.


chelsey said...

I recognized the house as soon as I saw it! It must be a fairly recent purchase because I remember it being on the market last year. There were a lot of renovations to it also. I've always thought that house was beautiful. It's nice to know you have somewhere comfortable and peaceful to sleep. Be grateful school isn't in session yet. Traffic will be terrible around school hours if you're still there. (There won't be any parking during those hours.) Hopefully Ammon will perk up and be able to get the tubes taken out. How's his mood? I can't imagine being in a good mood under the circumstances! Geoff and Sarah loved that school (so did I), so thanks for putting a smile on their faces this morning! Geoff still says I have until 6th grade to move back to that school!

chelsey said...

Oh! And Brent and I tried out a sleep number bed not long ago. I actually loved it! Sorry you didn't like it! Try a new number tonight. The person at the store told us that women typically run somewhere around a number 40, while men like a higher number of 50-70. I wish I could afford one! The bed we looked at was $2600!

Jess and Jen said...

Mom, it's Ctrl-X to cut and then Ctrl-V to paste. Ctrl-Z is undo.

The house was pretty nice (with off-the-street parking). Dad and I went down there yesterday to check mom in and got to see around. It's really a fantastic charity, that Ronald McDonald House. It does a lot of good.

I got to see Ammon yesterday after his surgery. I think the flyer the hospital gave Mom and Dad showing someone with a halo on a few weeks ago (that they subsequently showed me) helped me to not be shocked when I saw him in person. Yeah, it's a kinda nasty thought, but it didn't strike me as all that odd for some reason. Dad was asking Ammon all these questions that required answers other than "Yes" and "No" -- all he can do with a large tube down his throat. It was funny to me to watch Dad have to change his methods. And the halo isn't a neck stabilizer, like I had assumed. It seems to simply be a harness for the weights they'll use over the next month to stretch his body out. Ammon can move his head back and forth no problem.

Team Clark said...

Wow - so fancy. Thanks for the update and pics, Chris! Hope you're doing well. Let us know if we can help in any way.

Jason said...

I hope Ammon is doing okay. Hopefully that tube will come out today.

Michelle and I tried the sleep number bed. I didn't like it but Michelle really did. We ended up getting one of those memory foam beds. It took some getting used to but we both really like it. These beds are supposed to last you 20 years.

Please say hi to Ammon for me.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I hope Ammon is doing well and that you aren't too stressed mom! Tell Ammon we love him.

Lynn Teichert said...

Thanks for the immediate updates...Allen and I are watching your blog site. I hope all is well with Ammon. Take care of yourself.