Thursday, June 26, 2008

Would you rub my bunnions, please?

I'm sore today. Each year, the YM leader in our ward leads a hike up a mountain called Grandeur Peak with all the YM and Scouts. I was in the YM presidency a few years ago and went and enjoyed it. I got released, but went last year, too, because I enjoyed the hike. Yesterday, we went again. I think with 30 years of age looming right around the corner in a week and a half, my body is saying -- well, more like screaming -- "Jess, you can't hike up a mountain 3 miles with a 2,600' elevation gain without doing any physical exercise since March!"

I guess this means the three rounds of golf I've played and the various home improvement projects just aren't cutting it for me. I just hope my right knee, back, and feet can recover before the round of golf Adam, Lance, and I will be playing tomorrow morning at 6:52am in Orem. If not, it may be my first cart rental of the year!


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Boy do I feel bad for you at your old age of 29. Gee, you have a ways to go and what then? Maybe you had better become a farmer and then you can make it until at least fifty or sixty. That eye strain will on the computer will not cut it for the heart.

Dad Clark

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

It's tough when you realize your body won't do everything your mind wants it to do. Take care of yourself, kiddo. Watch that back. Hope you have a great time golfing. All three of you guys probably need a little time off from the hard labor!

Michelle said...

Try Yoga!