Monday, June 02, 2008

Where Am I?

Where did I take this photo?
I realize this is not a fun game for anyone that hasn't been on campus. I'll stop in a day or so. This is just too much fun, though, and I'm finding some really great little spots.

This is a beautiful staircase. I'm certain Adam & Amy will know this spot. I don't know if Jess & Jen will and I'm sure Brent & Chelsey won't know where this was taken


Team Clark said...

The first one looks like the Marriot center and the second one...I'm not sure, but Adam says it's the new smith family living center (but I've never been to that building) - is that right?

Lance&Nance said...

It's the JFSB. -Lance
Nancy and I made out by the fountains there once. Ha ha, that will make you stop the game.

Jess and Jen said...

Yeah, it's in the new syphilis, sif-lic, er whatever they call it. Yeah, I think between Lance's and my comments, everyone is now gagging.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Well, Lance, I have some photos of those fountains -- want those posted? They just weren't as interesting. :)

Mark & Keri said...

Hi Chris!
I LOVE your photos! You are getting to be a really good photographer!
Wow! What a discussion you folks have going on!Sheesh! What must Thanksgivng be like at your house??? What a cool family you have! I enjoyed reading your debate very much.
Love you,