Wednesday, June 04, 2008

rah rah, rah rah rah, Gooooooo.....


Down with the
potatocats, the thunderflies, the uties, the Hawkbums, the aggies, the clawless wolverines, and everyone else!! HA!

Just kidding. I just thought that would be funny.

Hey, the only thing you have to remember is this: "Root to Root, Toot to Toot, but DO NOT Root and Toot!" I mean that just spoils the air for everyone!

No, seriously, I liked the discussion about BYU. I certainly am not offended by anything anyone said and there is validity to everything y'all said. And no matter how much I respect other schools, I still want BYU to beat the snot out of them in every sport and in every academic area possible. hee hee hee. I can't wait till "The School Formerly Known as UVSC" gets better in all areas to develop a bigger, fun and hopefully healthy rivalry. It will only help our local economy, our kids, our valley's fun, and, well, some other stuff I'm sure.

As far as the BYU attitude stuff goes, I just know that anyone who has an attitude either way about it, isn't worth spending my time near. I mean, why focus on negative? If I let my negative experiences with things define everything, I wouldn't still be a Kansas City Royal Fan, not to mention, a grammar freak, a stats lover, a gardener, in a long term relationship (REALLY LONG), nor anything else I find of value. My opinion, Lindsey, I think you are a better person because of the lessons you learned with/from bad BYU students. That is because of your choice to do the right thing.

I think too many time, people associate experiences on the individual level, and using some strange law of association (and bad statistical logic), assign the definition of that experience to the aggregate. Meaning, we assign the abnormal to the normal because we feel more emotionally defined by the reality we experience from the abnormal. We don't like it when the media or individuals do that to the Church - associating bad things to the church because of a negative experience with a single or even a few members. Why would we do that to schools, to states, to anything? It's bad practice in Statistics, and bad practice in real life and doesn't allow us to see the beauty of the average. Hey, I like statistical abnormalities. I am abnormal in WAY too many ways - but sometimes I yearn just to be more average because there is so much beauty in its simplicity and unity. So, I work on bridling my passion and in that middle, average ground, I

You all are a little too abnormal to everyone else. But to me, you are all average Clarks - a collective of above averages - smart, good looking, hard working, generous, family-oriented, sexually charged, knowledge freaks (what family knows so much about so many odd things?). To feel loved in the family means contributing to the average of all that. Me included. So, please don't stop being a little (or a lot) freaky. it makes me more average - it's hard to be an outlier - hee hee hee...but someone has to do it!

In conclusion (last chapter of the book), Yeah, I love BYU. Yeah I want them to beat on y'alls schools (even beauty schools). I'll trash talk and tease, but in the end I will respect you only for what you are and do outside of school, as a person. ok...I'll be nice...

Go thunderbirds, go Utes, go Wolverines, go Bengals, go Beauty School Belles (don't know what your mascot is), go Hawkeyes, and go whomever. Most of all, Gooooo....You!

But, hey, root on, toot on, just don't root and toot!



Jess and Jen said...

Adam, ya brought a smile to my face. -Jess

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I'm laughing - this was so great. You need to add to the blog more often because of your "unique" perspective on all things in life! :)
Love you all -- I don't care where you live, work, go to school, etc., as long as it is done with honor, wisdom and obedience to God.
Thanks for your insight everybody!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I add my thank-you to you for what you said. Where did you all come from anyway? I attribute all of the family good to a loving Mom who surely agonized over coming to this earth only to work so hard at blessing so many lives. Not the least of all is mine. (Wow, is she a sizzle!)

Thanks again for your words. Now if we can just get you to proofread.

Dad Clark

Jess and Jen said...

I would love to see a football game between BYU and the Beauty School Belles. I'm sure BYU would lose for two reasons...

1. The single guys would be to busy drooling over all the cute girls to play

2. The married guys would have been threatened by their wives not to even think about getting close to one of those girls!

What fun it would be to watch!