Friday, June 13, 2008

Old Man Survives

Yesterday the old man (OM) of the family underwent the cutting of a quarter sized chunk out of his left ear. It was a spot of basal cell carcinoma. That is skin cancer for all that have that condition the farthest from their minds. Then a plug of skin was taken off his neck to plug into the hole in his ear. He wanted the doctor to put a block in the hole so he could be mod, but after looking carefully at the old man the Doctor thought that would be a hopeless effort. So the skin plug had to do.

The afternoon was very unpleasant for the OM, especially since the left ear is the ear that does most of the functioning for the OM. The right one only hears low tones and leaves much information heading off into space with out being discerned. The clean white bandages are cute, however, and the OM man remarks that he gets lots of sympathetic remarks after observers see the devastation that has occurred.

After all is said and done, OM wondered why his son, Jason, could not have done the operation: ear, cancer, scalpel and all. Certainly, the OM says, his structures are no more complicated than those of a rat or a frog. Then the insurance money could have gone to his grand kids. At least Alyssa could have used some extra cash.

Sleeping on one side was tough for the OM and made his back hurt. But at least the throbbing pain is gone this morning and his trip back to the Doctor today is bound to be only expensive and not eventful.

In a side note, the OM got a card for the coming Father's Day that warmed his soul. One of his distant daughters sent a card with a pin on it that states that he has a number one favorite daughter. Many have heard of this argument. The OM just wears the pin and makes whoever he is around feel like they qualify. Even those that are distant may think of themselves as the one on the pin. The OM has made no comment on the matter and says that he is mum. Not mod, just mum. He thinks that baring any special gathering of daughters, he is safe. I am sure the sender of the pin did not intend for the OM to be harmed in anyway by wearing the pin.

This reporter is now signing off.

Dad Clark


Team Clark said...

And just who is this old man you speak of? :)
We're glad everything went well and hope that you heal very soon!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I can't believe you guys didn't say anything about it before it happened. I'm sorry dad! We love you.

chelsey said...

Nice reporting dad! Glad all went well! We love you and hope you have a great Father's Day Sunday!

Team Clark said...

OM Gosh (oh my gosh), you must quit talking about yourself in the third person! - with all the OM references, and the "mod" reference, I thought for sure you were going to end sentences with LOL, etc. - lol.

Anyway, good to 'hear' that all went well. So...if mom kisses your neck, will you feel it in your neck? That would be funky.


Jess and Jen said...

This post made me laugh, but I am glad that it was taken care of and hopefully you will heal quickly.