Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jesser and Peas

While perusing blogs yesterday I ran on to one that made me laugh. I called Jess and shared it with him and he had a good laugh, too. The blog is and it is something really funny that related to our family, too. Their child in the last post was sharing the reward for something which he had done. He was eating ice cream. The previous post had a sequence of pictures of the boy and his trial at eating peas. Yes, Jess, there is another person in the world that doesn't like them, but he got ice cream; we got your throw-up all over the table.

I left a comment on the lady's blog telling her about Jess. Hope she had a good laugh. Jess and I did.

Dad Clark


Jess and Jen said...

It was quite humorous. Now if only Mom and Dad had had a camera back then, we've have proof of my ordeal!

Thanks for sharing. When are you going to tell us about Ammon's fishing trip and his salty language? You gotta share that one!

Katy Bug! said...