Friday, June 06, 2008

Heavenly Invocation

This came from Newt Gingrich (I apologize to him for the spelling). I looked at it and want you all to see it. This very important day happened just before I was born. It certainly was one of the most important days of the century. The message of the prayer is still pertinent today for our own selves and in behalf of the men and women like our own Hans.

I express my personal gratitude to him and to his companions for their selfless sacrifice in behalf of my great country. May your actions and successes add to the compelling magnetism of its principles, and may the blessings of human freedom shower down from heaven because of your participation in this significant struggle.

Dad Clark


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

That's a sobering but powerful prayer for our country. Thanks for posting. (I'm impressed, by the way, that you knew how to get this onto the blog.)

Jason said...

Can you imagine the public outcry if a public official such as our president tried to offer a prayer in public today? How far we have fallen but there is still much good to fight for.

Jess and Jen said...

At first, I was thinking, "This isn't from Newt. This is FDR. What does Dad mean?" At the end I realized what you meant.

We are indeed indebted to all those who serve this country to preserve our republic.