Thursday, June 26, 2008

Common Colorful Cussing

Uncle Jack took Ammon and I fishing in Lake Shore, Utah, the other day along the road that follows the drain ditch into Utah Lake. There were lots of fish there, and we actually caught eight of varying size. There was a large channel catfish that was about two feet in length. There were several medium and a few small yellow belly catfish. Then we caught a couple of carp, also. One was almost two feet.

Uncle Jack calls the carp the monster fish. He gets the name from his grandsons Erik and Josh Brailsford. He takes them fishing and they call the ugly carp monster fish.

As some of you might know, Uncle Jack has a colorful vocabulary. He tries to control it around kids, but sometimes it still shows its startling head. Well, Ammon has not heard or had much instruction about such words as he sometimes heard from Uncle Jack. Once when referring to a certain ugly fish he used one of the common colorful cuss words as an adjective. It was quite innocent, but startled me and even Jack. He was appropriately counseled, and I have never heard it again. But you know what the song says, First time for every thing. And this was it!


Jason said...

I still remember the look on Mom's face the first (and only) time she heard the S word come out of my mouth. I had learned it from my friend Shane in IN when we lived there the first time. Mom was not impressed with my expanding vocabulary.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I'm not impressed with Jack's vocabulary, either. It didn't even dawn on me that Ammon might pick up any words from Jack. Now we know! We'll have to be careful and let Ammon know what those garbage words are before he goes fishing again. I think it would be fun to hear him correct Jack, because I'm sure he would.
I remember those words, Jason -- and I also remember that you had some really filthy-mouthed neighbors in Oregon when you were only 4. I was relieved when we moved away from them.

Mark & Keri said...

Hey, Clarks!
You didn't know Ammon could swear??? I certainly remember a word or two coming my way... BUT not for a really long time, though!!! Several years, in fact.
He is so much fun to talk to. I so enjoy hearing about the world from his point of view.
One of my favorite things about Ammon is his amazing vocabulary.
I love it when he comes out with some giant word in the middle of the most simple sentence. And he uses it correctly! His insight is amazingly "colorful". Of course, colorful words just sound like home to me.
Love ya,

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Hey, Keri -- just 'cause you are the cowgirl from Idaho.....
Ammon did use a very nasty word for a very long time, didn't he. Now when he hears it on TV he comes unhinged and says, "Turn it off - that's a bad word!" You and I both know what that word is.
I can't imagine a single swear word coming out of your mouth, cowgirl or not. :)

Katy Bug! said...

i dont swear so ha

Katy Bug! said...

The above comment is not me, but Ammon himself. I promise. I don't swear though just so you all know and I do not intend to ever.