Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stepping Stones part 2

Here are three more stones that are done. I am fascinated at how individual they all are.

Now we need Caleb, Jason and I to do one. We have decided that instead of a pathway to the backyard, these stones will be in our front flower garden right next to the porch. You can see that in the last picture. Then we will make stones with just our footprints leading to the backyard. Enjoy!


Michelle Clark said...

Also one great thing about these stones that I just have to mention is . . . If you ever move from your house you can take the stones with you verses those people that put handprints or feet prints in cement for their driveway, those are stuck there forever then the new people that move in don't appreciate those handprints like you once did. The finished stones aren't too heavy. Maybe 10 pounds.

Jess and Jen said...

Those look really fun. Not a bad idea to implement at our home.

chelsey said...

They look great! I like the footprint idea also!